1st IB Week – Communicators – 23/04

«To speak and to hear is to fertilize and receive»



The term “communication” has its origin in Latin and is the act of distributing, dividing, sharing. But what is being shared? It seems that the human being needs to share his own perception, his world with others, and deep down he knows there are other worlds besides his own.

The fact is that only in exchanging with others can a common world arise in which problems can be solved sustainably, improvements can be made and what already exists can be successfully transformed. Communication is the basis of cooperation and coexistence.

We understand communication as the conscious exchange of ideas and information in more than one language. Those who can communicate in more than one language open their horizons, broaden their perception. He sees the world “with different eyes” because he has another “tongue.”

In our school, we want to promote multiculturalism and multilingualism, with Portuguese, German and English as teaching languages ​​and also offering French and Spanish. Whenever possible, interdisciplinary projects and school events are held in multiple languages.

Effective communication is becoming increasingly important for decision-makers and executives as the communicative flood will likely continue to increase. Efficient communication is not only knowing how to communicate in more than one language but also the ability to listen, communicate accurately and effectively – in a way that fits the recipient – and at the right time and place.

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