2nd IB Week – Balanced – 07/05

«The greatest happiness is the one that improves our shortcomings and compensates for our mistakes.»


Man recognizes things by distinguishing them from other things – then he notices the differences. Therefore, it results from his own nature that he perceives above all extremes: extreme-silence; left – right; black – white; up – down …

In his development, man realizes that the world also has a medium, a warm, a gray. Holistic pedagogy – the basis of the Swiss-Brazilian School of Curitiba – assumes that human beings must develop and structure their intellectual side, their physical and emotional sides in a balanced way, in order to lead a meaningful and sustainable life. In this context, the zeitgeist likes to talk about “Work-Life-Balance”.

Integrity requires that students learn to be part of a society and to cooperate in a community. Balance is often equated with the word “healthy.” Balanced people are not only psychologically healthier than unbalanced people but also physically. They remain calm, sensible, and wise even in stressful situations.

Your children, as future leaders, are expected to be able to manage their time and organization effectively and efficiently. They also need to be able to delegate tasks and to assemble a team in a balanced way according to the members’ abilities and competencies in order to guarantee the accomplishment of the goals.

A leader also needs free time to balance his or her hard work and must remain creative by following their intuition to gain new inspiration for their organization’s new designs and goals. A decision maker should also be able to remain calm, objective and solution-oriented, even in stressful situations. Fear and panic are bad advisers.

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