4th IB Week – Risk Takers – 06/03

We face uncertainty with care and determination. We work independently and cooperatively to explore new ideas and innovative strategies. We are articulate and resilient in the face of challenges and changes.

“We must make plans for freedom, not just for security, but for the sole reason that freedom alone can make security secure.”
Karl Popper

Freedom and risk are closely related. Risk only exists when we have freedom, and only those who are free can take risks. Would it not be easier to stay in the comfort zone and not take chances? Why not just lead a life in the comfort zone, where everything is guaranteed, controllable, calculated, monitored and regulated?

No one would need to take any chances.

Even in children, it is possible to observe the desire for freedom and, therefore, the will to take risks. Risk Takers enter into calculated risks because they know their resources. A “Risk Taker” does nothing more than to leave their comfort zone in a calculated and conscious way. Of course, this proactive step has a desire to be practiced and learned. Taking and managing risks and challenges allows for satisfaction with life as it achieves to bring a sense of accomplishment.

For future leaders, it is clear that they need to be “Risk Takers.” Leadership without taking calculated risks is not possible. Whoever leaves the comfort zone proactively is already a leader.


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