6th IB Week – Inquirers – 26.08

We cultivate our curiosity and develop the skills necessary to investigate and
research. We know how to work independently and with others. We learn with
enthusiasm and keep the love of studies throughout our lives.

I have no exceptional talent; I only have passion in my curiosity.

(Albert Einstein)

Man is curious by nature. Therefore, curiosity is also the driving force for learning. So living means learning.

A school must succeed in always arousing and maintaining this natural curiosity. In doing so, the student will learn on his own.

Einstein describes his curiosity as “in love.” A person in love is full and genuinely present; he “suffers” in a positive sense. In passion, the whole person is mentally and cognitively focused, physically and mentally in real-time.

The best guarantee that the inner fire of curiosity in our students will continue to burn or rekindle is our holistic approach, in which the whole person is addressed.

Einstein is modest. He thinks that he has “no special gift.” Only those who are modest can be aware that they still need to learn something new, and only those who are modest can remain curious and open-minded.

In the future, our children are expected to be modern leaders who are self-confident in the real sense of the word so that they can recognize their weaknesses and admit mistakes. Stay curious, keep learning from others, and discover new opportunities, personally and for others.


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