IB Caring Attribute – “Find someone”

IB “Caring” Attribute-  5th grade B 

In the week of the IB attribute “Caring” the students of the fifth grade, Group-B practiced the method “Finde jemanden” – “find someone” as an activity complementary to a theme studied in history.

The purpose of the activity was to find people among their classmates who fit the profile of the table questions they received. The exercise led the students to interact with each other, to collect the most of signatures from students that fit the profile in the shortest possible time, the first to complete the table would be the winner.

It was an intense activity that had the participation of the entire group and led them to uncover facts about their classmates until that time unknown.



On the 3rd of May, the students of the 3rd grade, groups A and B, worked the IB attribute “Caring” during the classes of History and Geography.

The proposed activity was “Finde jemanden” or “find someone”.  The students had nine questions, being able to interview one colleague for each question. After answering, the interviewee’s autograph was needed.

The questions were related to the importance of reading in other subjects.

After the activity was done, the students discussed the subject and found out a lot about their colleagues.

Some examples:

“Have you ever read a book in another language?” Some students were surprised to learn that their classmates had already read a book in German, English and/or French.

“Have you ever read a book that belonged to your parents or grandparents?” We learned that some parents and grandparents kept their childhood books and gave them as gifts to their children and grandchildren, so they could discover stories and characters they did not know.

“Would you trade a toy for a book?” Many students said yes because the toy eventually loses its enchantment and the book does not. Also, you are able to lend a book to a classmate or even put it in the reading box for others to read.

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