IB Caring Attribute in Kindergarden

This week, we worked on the IB attribute “Caring”, which addresses essential social skills. “Caring” refers to an attitude – a social stance that can be described by sympathy and respect for other people and the environment around us.

As a school, we are aware of these relationships and we promote and demand the “Caring” attribute as early as preschool. Our students are prompted at an early age to be autonomous, responsible and at the same time socially competent.

Work related to the care we should have with colleagues and care for the environment was focused on with the preschool class (Infantil II).


  • Recognize the needs and care we should have with plants, planting of a flower, the location, soil and water.

crianças e professora sentadas em roda olhando para um vaso com planta

criança e professora colocando terra em um vaso

  • Identify and recognize, by exploring with a magnifying glass, how plants live in their natural environment.

criança olhando árvore com lupa

criança olhando árvore com lupa

  • Plant care.

criança regando um vaso com planta

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