IB Caring Attribute – The world around you

Caring – 4th year B 

What kind of care do you have with the world around you?

This was the central question that generated all the methodology of work in the fourth grade (Group B) for the IB – Caring Attribute.

The reflection began with a report on care with general issues, such as caring for the environment, our belongings, our school material, animals, and finally what kind of care we have with the people around us.

With that in mind, they reflected on whether they knew what pleases and what displeases their classmates? How should they act considering this information?

To accomplish this, eight questions were asked so that each child could write (without consulting his classmate) the name of a student whom he/she believed to like what was being asked. For example: write the name of a classmate who likes to study animals.

Having answered these eight questions, the students went to check if the answer corresponded to the inclination of the classmate. If so, they asked for their signature as proof.

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