IB Risk-Takers in Kindergarden

Since the world is full of risks, children need to learn to recognize and react to them to protect themselves and develop their risk assessment skills. These experiences will help the child step by step, or rather, fall by fall, gauge their body and spirit to face the mishaps and beauties of life. At each opportunity the child has to challenge herself, she affirms to herself and the world her desire to move forward, beyond what she has already mastered, confident in herself and in life.

During the IB Risk Takers week, there were some activities with the children of preschool III group A aimed at helping them to overcome some of their fears.


The student felt insecure about climbing onto a chair. He was challenged, and with the help of his colleagues climbed into something shorter than his chair.


Every day children have the opportunity to enjoy a lovely plate of fruit. The day they were offered tomatoes, a child tried a piece of tomato.


In a new game, stimulating concentration, balance, order and direction, courageously, the students ventured to jump and play.


In the train window, analyzing and making the decision to jump.


In the woods, the children are helped by the teachers to walk on the tree trunks. When they felt safe and ready for a new challenge, they balanced at a certain height alone.


Go beyond my limit previously never attempted.


Jumping with two feet is easy, now to jump on one foot, it took courage and balance.


With help, but still risking to balance.

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