IB Open Minded Attribute – Line of Position Method

In the afternoon session on Friday, March 29, students in grades two through four expressed their ideas with the Open Minded attribute. There was a game on the floor with squares where they awaited a question pertinent to their daily life, like, do you try new foods? Do you accept new classmates in your class? And so on. When the answer was “yes” they could go to the next square when it was “no” they stayed in place.

After the game, which was purely recreational, we sat on the rug and reviewed and talked about the questions referenced in the game.

The result was mostly positive; they were open to the new, in and out of school. They were and are spontaneous and sincere. It was an excellent activity. The next day, on their own initiative, students played Open Minded.

In the morning session, a game related to the Open Minded attribute was also played. The students from preschool (Infantil IV) until the 3rd grade participated in answering the questions asked about their daily life, raising their arms when the answer was “yes” and when it was “no” staying down. They were equally sincere, participative and open to the new. We talked about the questions and everyone loved the activity.

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