• Aprender alemão no exterior

    Learn German Abroad

    German is spoken all over the world. The number of native speakers is estimated at 100 million and approximately 80 million people speak German as a foreign language. German is the official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Liechtenstein. In addition, it is a regional language in northern Italy, western France, Romania and […]

  • Escolas suíças no Brasil

    Swiss Schools in Brazil

    There are currently 18 Swiss schools recognized by the Swiss government. Two of them are in Brazil, one in São Paulo and one in Curitiba. The first Swiss schools were founded in Italy by parents who wanted to give their children a Protestant education in Catholic Italy. Another group of schools opened in Germany during […]

  • Um musical – Múltiplas Inteligências

    One Musial – Multiple Intelligences

    According to a lengthy study conducted by Prof. Dr. Manfred Spitzer, renowned neuroscientist and current medical director of the University of Ulm in Germany, the most important school subject is music, followed by physical education, theater and finally arts and crafts. Historically, music has played an important role in areas such as the sociocultural, motor […]

  • Universidades na Suíça e na Alemanha

    Universities in Switzerland and Germany

    In the german spoken regions, a university is defined as a superior institution when it offers the totality of all the sciences – divided into the classical departments: theology, medicine, law, natural sciences, humanities, and economics. There are also technical and pedagogical departments. They usually also award academic degrees, but only for specific subjects. In […]

  • O que torna uma escola legal e LEGAL?

    What makes a school cool and legal?

    Legal is, once again, a word like so many others in the Portuguese language that has more than one meaning. The adjective of legal has its origin in Latin, in the word Legalis. This, in turn, is related to the Law, in the Latin Lex. This term corresponds to what has been regulated and established […]

  • Bullying e prevenção

    Bullying and Prevention

    In the age of cyber societies, a new type of conflict is emerging. Modern societies, hyperconnected by new technologies, are changing the way people interact in their everyday lives. These forms of social connections evoke new conflicts and phenomena such as bullying or mobbing. To get a better understanding of these conflicts, the historical development […]

  • Festas Escolares

    School Celebrations

    The school celebrations are mostly events designed to integrate the school community. However, the primary purpose of school parties is not just to provide leisure time for the community. They have a pedagogical connection that is always associated with the cultural and social nature of each event. The celebrations receive special attention in the classes […]

  • A origem do Dia do Professor

    The origin of Teacher’s Day

    The world over, a commonly recognized date does not exist in which teacher’s day is celebrated. Each country celebrates and dedicates a moment to teachers in their own way. UNESCO, in remembrance of the Teachers’ Statute, established in 1966, decreed, as of October 1994, the 5th of October as World Teachers’ Day. It is important […]

  • As vantagens da data de corte etário

    Advantages of Age cut-off date

    In Brazil, eight different cut-off dates have been applied by the country. As the matter generated many divergences, it ended up being referred to the Federal Supreme Court. In a vote on 01/08, it was decided that the age cut-off date will be on March 31. This means that the child must be six years […]

  • 8th IB-Week – Knowledgeable – 17/09

    8th IB Week – Knowledgeable – 09/17

    Knowledgeable “We develop and use conceptual understanding, exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines. We engage with issues and ideas that have local and global signi­cance.” “I know a lot, and yet I’m not all-knowing.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust I, Vers 601 / Wagner Goethe had a decisive influence on the cultural history […]