• A união faz a força!

    Unity is strength!

    A ‘Parent & School Organization’ is made up of parents and employees of a school. The objectives can be diverse. All parent & school organizations have in common the promotion of voluntary cooperation of parents in school life and the strengthening of the unity of the whole school community. Generally, the support offered to the […]

  • Férias escolares: descanso, festa ou estado de espírito?

    School holidays: rest, party or state of mind?

    Most of the world eagerly anticipate their vacation time. But what is the real meaning of this Latin-based word? According to the etymology, the meaning of the Portuguese translation vacation (or holiday depending on the context, or if you are in the UK), feria (or feriae in Latin), is “day of rest” or “day dedicated […]

  • A vida e obra de Wolfgang Von Goethe

    The life and work of Wolfgang Von Goethe

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German novelist, playwright, writer and philosopher. Born August 28, 1749 in Frankfurt, he is considered one of the greatest names in German literature. Alongside Friedrich Schiller, he led the literary movement called Sturm und Drang (Storm and Dwell). Goethe comes from a family of great economic power and good […]

  • Dicas de brinquedos que estimulam o raciocínio e a imaginação das crianças

    Toy tips to stimulate children’s reasoning and imagination

    It is during the first stages of life, called first and second childhood that the little ones have their neurological potential the most receptive to assimilate new information. These primary stages are conducive for the child to receive stimuli that promote better cognitive, physical, and motor development. The use of toys is fundamental to awaken […]

  • Descubra as principais qualidades de um bom professor na sala de aula

    Discover the key qualities of a good teacher in the classroom

    The best teachers remain in the memory of the students forever. There is no “good” teacher: teachers and students come together and create a unique situation in the classroom that should enable learning. From a pragmatic point of view, the modern teacher should be a companion of learning that creates a classroom situation, similar to […]

  • O xadrez para o desenvolvimento da lógica

    O xadrez para o desenvolvimento da lógica

    The goal of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king, putting him under an inescapable threat of capture, and for that, it requires concentration and strategy. Chess is a board game that requires a lot of thought and strategy and is played by millions of people across many countries. Today, it is considered a […]

  • A importância de aprender Física

    The Importance of Learning Physics

    Physics helps you understand how many phenomena happen. As complicated as physics may seem, we can say that – and quite didactically – it is nothing more than the “study of the phenomena of nature.” Science called physics is of fundamental importance because it seeks to discover the general laws of nature to clarify precise […]

  • Os benefícios das Artes Marciais para o seu filho

    The Benefits of Martial Arts for Your Child

    Among the benefits of Martial Arts are discipline and self-control, always worked on in class. In general, when parents think about enrolling their children in some form of Martial Art, they only have an idea of what this sporting practice means, which goes far beyond fighting and balance movements. The benefits of martial arts for […]

  • Como ajudar o seu filho a se adaptar em uma nova escola?

    How to help your child adjust to a new school?

    Changing schools can be a challenging experience, but with support and acceptance, adaptation can be less stressful. Changing schools is often a difficult time for the child. To ensure that your child handles the situation well, it is essential to prepare well. Here are 10 tips to help the family:   Do not announce the […]

  • Interdisciplinaridade: como funciona?

    Interdisciplinarity: How does it work?

    Interdisciplinarity works by ensuring that the construction of knowledge is global. Interdisciplinarity works by ensuring that the construction of knowledge is global. Thus, it is expected that it breaks with the boundaries of each discipline separately. In a nutshell, its meaning is: the global integration of content taught in some subjects, linking the knowledge of […]