• A importância de aprender Física

    The Importance of Learning Physics

    Physics helps you understand how many phenomena happen. As complicated as physics may seem, we can say that – and quite didactically – it is nothing more than the “study of the phenomena of nature.” Science called physics is of fundamental importance because it seeks to discover the general laws of nature to clarify precise […]

  • Os benefícios das Artes Marciais para o seu filho

    The Benefits of Martial Arts for Your Child

    Among the benefits of Martial Arts are discipline and self-control, always worked on in class. In general, when parents think about enrolling their children in some form of Martial Art, they only have an idea of what this sporting practice means, which goes far beyond fighting and balance movements. The benefits of martial arts for […]

  • Como ajudar o seu filho a se adaptar em uma nova escola?

    How to help your child adjust to a new school?

    Changing schools can be a challenging experience, but with support and acceptance, adaptation can be less stressful. Changing schools is often a difficult time for the child. To ensure that your child handles the situation well, it is essential to prepare well. Here are 10 tips to help the family:   Do not announce the […]

  • Interdisciplinaridade: como funciona?

    Interdisciplinarity: How does it work?

    Interdisciplinarity works by ensuring that the construction of knowledge is global. Interdisciplinarity works by ensuring that the construction of knowledge is global. Thus, it is expected that it breaks with the boundaries of each discipline separately. In a nutshell, its meaning is: the global integration of content taught in some subjects, linking the knowledge of […]

  • Literatura alemã: conheça os principais autores e obras do período

    German Literature: meet the leading authors and works of the period

    Among the most influential representatives are Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling. Preceding the whole romantic movement in Europe, there arose a brief but intense literary revolution that would change the course of history from the nineteenth century on. It is about idealism and romanticism inspired by great German writers and intellectuals. […]

  • O ensino de robótica como ferramenta de aprendizado

    Teaching robotics as a learning tool

    The teaching of robotics allows for an improvement in the understanding of mathematics, literature and grammar as well as the stimulation of reading by children of all ages. The “robotics” discipline, unquestionably, does not “teach you how to make a robot”. Moreover, we have already created a text to clarify this point, because this is […]

  • A importância do ensino musical para crianças na escola

    The Importance of Learning Music at School for Children

    Musicalization at school encourages solidarity among the students and promotes the inclusion of the timider children in games and pedagogical activities. Music is an excellent development tool at the most diverse levels; it helps to improve creation, emotion, interaction and learning abilities. In every phase of the human being it is important, but in childhood, […]

  • As vantagens da prática de esportes para crianças e adolescentes

    The advantages of practicing sports for children and adolescents

    There are numerous benefits from practicing sports during childhood. Among them are the prevention of sedentarism and improvement in learning. From the beginning, sports training has brought various benefits to its practitioners. When performed in childhood, these advantages increase considerably, benefiting mainly health and learning. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the goal is […]

  • Alimentação saudável: como preparar o lanche dos seus filhos para escola

    Alimentação saudável: como preparar o lanche dos seus filhos para escola

    Manter uma alimentação saudável influencia no desempenho escolar, no desenvolvimento e na aprendizagem da criança. A importância de ingerir alimentos saudáveis na infância está ligada ao melhor desenvolvimento das crianças, assim como ao crescimento e à aprendizagem. Uma boa alimentação influencia na saúde bucal e na prevenção de doenças a curto e longo prazo. A […]

  • Ensino Médio: Preparando os jovens para o futuro

    Ensino Médio: Preparando os jovens para o futuro

    Quando perguntado a qual pátria pertencia, o escritor e pensador italiano – no fim do século 20, Ítalo Calvino, não demorou em responder “minha pátria é a língua italiana”, parafraseando um conhecido poema de Bernardo Soares (heterônimo de Fernando Pessoa), cujos versos dizem de forma muito pessoal “Minha Pátria é a língua portuguesa”. Difícil imaginar […]

  • Os benefícios da metodologia pedagógica de Heinrich Pestalozzi

    The benefits of the pedagogical methodology of Heinrich Pestalozzi

    For Pestalozzi, education must be built upon an affectionate and trusting relationship between educators and their pupils. An illuminist thinker, writer and teacher, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827), devoted much of his life to educational causes, always in the quest to improve early childhood education teaching techniques. He revolutionized the pedagogical environment by creating a new […]