• Bullying e prevenção

    Bullying and Prevention

    In the age of cyber societies, a new type of conflict is emerging. Modern societies, hyperconnected by new technologies, are changing the way people interact in their everyday lives. These forms of social connections evoke new conflicts and phenomena such as bullying or mobbing. To get a better understanding of these conflicts, the historical development […]

  • Festas Escolares

    School Celebrations

    The school celebrations are mostly events designed to integrate the school community. However, the primary purpose of school parties is not just to provide leisure time for the community. They have a pedagogical connection that is always associated with the cultural and social nature of each event. The celebrations receive special attention in the classes […]

  • 8th IB-Week – Knowledgeable – 17/09

    8th IB Week – Knowledgeable – 09/17

    Knowledgeable “We develop and use conceptual understanding, exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines. We engage with issues and ideas that have local and global signi­cance.” “I know a lot, and yet I’m not all-knowing.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust I, Vers 601 / Wagner Goethe had a decisive influence on the cultural history […]

  • Francofonia – o mundo fala francês

    Francophonie – the world speaks French

    The French-speaking world Francophonie is the entire French linguistic region, which includes countries of very different natures: countries where French is the official language but is not spoken by the majority as the mother tongue, and countries where French is the mother tongue of the largest part of the population. The French language is the […]

  • Aprendizagem em turmas de idades mistas

    Learning in mixed age groups

    The term ADL is an acronym in German for Altersdurchmischtes Lernen, which means learning in mixed-age groups. Whenever possible, students deal with the same subject and acquire content “regardless of their age, and differentiated according to their level of development and learning.” In the first place, learning is understood as a personal process in which […]

  • A união faz a força!

    Unity is strength!

    A ‘Parent & School Organization’ is made up of parents and employees of a school. The objectives can be diverse. All parent & school organizations have in common the promotion of voluntary cooperation of parents in school life and the strengthening of the unity of the whole school community. Generally, the support offered to the […]