Former Students

What happened to our ex-students?

“I studied at the Swiss School Curitiba from 1994 to 2002 and I only have good experiences and great memories from that time.

The German language, the IB, the teaching methods and multicultural coexistence, the small groups, the great teaching quality, learn with the head, heart and hand; all these things are very positive and have helped me a lot in life but they are pointed out in the school’s website.

What the school has done best for me was to shape my personality, and it is very clear for me now that I graduated from college and I am working. It is very common to find people who speak many languages, that had a good education, experiences abroad, people who are ready to the Market. The problem is, there is a lack of people who have all these things and do not try to show off. People who have the ability of admitting that they don’t know everything and that are capable of recognizing a good idea and that are open to learn from anyone – it doesn’t matter if this person is in a better position or not. This respect from others is one of the things that the school tries to develop in each student, and it can be done only in childhood and in the teenage years. From all the great things that the school can offer, this is the best, in my opinion. These characteristics are being missed nowadays.

I am now 27 years old and I graduated in Mechanical Engineering – UFPR. After concluding my university paper and internship at Helmut Schmidt Universität in Hamburg, Germany, I now work as research and development engineer at MEDICOAT in Mägenwil AG – Switzerland and I look for different experiences to learn from the people around me. I am thankful for my parents, for the education they have provided me and teachers and friends that I met in the Swiss School and that still are part of my life.”

“Since I was little I was taught the importance of learning different languages and through the Swiss School I had contact with many cultures. Nowadays I keep friends from many parts of the world and I now understand that the Swiss School helped me to build a multicultural thinking seeing the world from different perspectives.”

“Whenever I think about my school years, I can’t help thinking that I have always wanted to study in a bigger school, where most students at my age were studying. I’m very thankful for my parents because they chose this school for me and it would have been a mistake to go to another school. In the Swiss School we have the opportunity to meet people from different places and that can change the way we think – and we can get a lot from that. I have always studied in the Swiss School – first São Paulo, then Curitiba. I was accepted at FAE to study business administration and took part in the CALA (Carrera Alemana-Latinoamericana de Administración) Project (double Diploma): from FAE in Brazil and from Fachhochschule Münster in Germany. While studying in Germany I worked as an intern at Volkswagen and Lanxess. Now I live in Brazil and I have worked at Renault for four years. I started in the Marketing area in Curitiba and after three years I have been transferred to São Paulo to improve as a Line- Business Consultant. I miss school. There is no doubt that studying at the Swiss School differentiates you from others.”

“I studied in the Swiss School Curitiba from 2009 to 2012, in High School. I wish I could have studied there since I was a little kid. I started the Architecture and urbanism course this year, 2013, at Universidade Federal do Paraná and, I achieved that with my parents’ support and the school’s education and the dedication I learned from it.

I had the opportunity to study in the 4-year-High School course, which some people judge as a bad thing but I had Access to high quality education, in the right time and I became more mature to become a University student. What I learned in the school was beyond the regular subjects. I learned to be more conscientious about planning, critical thinking and how to be more responsible, and that was definitely something I will keep in my entire life. The CAS Project, part of the IB Program made me realize different realities and value all the opportunities I have Access to. Before the program, I didn’t know a lot about other countries, and in these four years I had a huge contact with many different cultures, teaching me how to understand and respect new cultures.

I haven’t started working yet but I have already realized that the languages certificates we received in these four years really make a difference in the job market.

Studying in a small group is also an advantage, once we have the chance to have more access to the teachers, and establish a great relationship. This really impressed me and I’m definitely going to miss it.”

“I studied from first grade to high school in the Swiss School; a total of eleven years. I graduated from high school in 2003. Then I was accepted in PUC to study Graphic Design and I took a post-graduation course on Business Planning and Management at FAE and another course on Event Planning and Production at PUC. Now I have a even planning business called Dimarula, and I manage the Visual Identity and Event Production area. I have definitely acquired a different way of thinking and cultural baggage at the Swiss School and it opened many doors to me. It allows me to travel, communicate and meet now people, one of life’s best experiences.”

“I studied in the Swiss School Curitiba from 1996 to 2009 and I have the IB Diploma. I’m currently studying Business Management at PUCPR – I’m in the second period. I work as an intern in a German company, Statomat Brasil, located in the industrial area of Pinhais. The pace in college is still slower that the one I was used to in school, when we had fulltime classes every day. Most of the content I’m studying now I have already studied in the IB subjects of statistics, logic and financial mathematics. There is a huge difference between me and my classmates’ studies background. I understand that’s because of the IB’s pace. In the Swiss School we learn to “think critically” not to be just a replicator. That’s another difference between me and my actual classmates. I just feel sad to be part of the last group before the new four-year High School program.”

“I studied in the Swiss School from 1997 to 2009, and now I’m on the second year of Business Management at FAE. I work as a Marketing intern at Volvo Brazil, at the Volvo Construction Equipment, since December 2010, where I can use the languages I learned in the school, and according to my supervisor, that’s the reason why I was chosen to work at Volvo. Whenever I need to communicate with German employees here in Brazil or in Germany, I feel confident because of the classes I had at school.

I feel very pleased to realize that the school had prepared me to life, not only for the end-of-term tests, and that the values that I learned from teachers and classmates make difference in my life.”

“I graduated in December 2005, and I studied in the Swiss School Curitiba from 2003 to 2005(High School). In 2005, last IB year, in addition to the International Diploma I was accepted at UFPR and UTFPR to study Mechanical Engineering. I started the engineering course at UTFPR in the first semester of 2006.

I always wanted to study abroad so I postponed the course in Brazil in favor to an international experience. I chose the USA, and because of the impressive academic curriculum at the Swiss School, the IB Diploma and several language certificates (ZPD, Cambridge) I was accepted in the Syracuse University in New York, to start the course that I really wanted to study: Aerospace Engineering.

At the Syracuse University, I won three scholarships for academic excellence, and without the, it would be almost impossible to afford the tuition fees. I graduated in June 2010 as an engineer, in the USA, after studying hard and making a lot of effort.

I believe I am a multi-task person, carrying many projects out at the same time. I returned to Brazil in 2010 and started my own business on renewable energy, sustainability and green alternatives. I am also involved in risk projects in the Internet area, in the development of websites such as a social network, e-commerce website and a collective shopping website. Besides that, I’m investing a lot in the housing market due to the increase of the values recently.

I couldn’t forget to mention that, because of the engineering course, Vale do Rio Doce is inviting to their Trainee Program 2012.

From everything that I learned in the Swiss School Curitiba, I think that being fluent in English was really important because the world expects us to be fluent and it’s needless to say that I use it every day in my projects. I also feel that a third language, German to me, differentiates me from other professionals. I wouldn’t have gone so far without a third language, so I’m thankful to the Swiss School Curitiba for that. I didn’t have to do the compulsory voluntary hours in the university because I had already done it for the CAS hours. Another important fact to me is the way the school helped me see the world, once there were people from many different backgrounds and countries at the school. That made a big difference when adapting to the North American culture and I’m pretty sure it would help me in any other culture or country.”

“After graduating in 2007, I took the Studienkolleg in Munich (one-year preparatory course to German Universities) and I was accepted in the Technische Universität München. I’m studying Business Management integrated to Mechanical Engineering. At the moment I am in Bangkok on an college interchange program for a semester. One of the most memorable experiences I had in the Swiss Scholl was the way we learn to think and how to work. That really makes a difference; adding the language development and how CAS (IB) is important in Europe.”

“I started studying in the school in 1996, when I was in the third grade and I graduated in 2004. After that I lived for a year in Hungary and when I returned I moved to São Paulo, where I studied International Relations at USP. I graduated in 2010 and currently I’m working at the Swiss Business Hub, in the Swiss Consulate in São Paulo, supporting and assisting projects from Swiss companies in Brazil. I have been to Switzerland recently and I met some school classmates. The languages, the critical thinking and the IB preparation made a huge difference in my life, opening doors to new opportunities. It’s always a pleasure to remember stories and to meet teachers and friends from school. Best wishes to you all.”

“I completed my studies at Swiss School Curitiba in 2009. After that I worked for a year as an administrative staff in the school and that helped me choose the administration area for the future.

I sent 75 résumés to Switzerland because I was about to take a specialization course there, working three times a week and in the other two I would study. I was accepted to work in a transportation company, DB Schenker, where I started to work on August 2, that year. On August 22 the classes at KV Business School in Zurich started. The course lasts three years. I chose to take the bilingual version of the course, in English and German. I didn’t need to take any tests in the Business School because I had the IB Diploma.

I use everything I learned at the Swiss School Curitiba in my everyday life, always remembering the caring teachers I had and the subjects that are being revised by the teachers in the Business School. Thank you all for being part of this process!”

“I studied in the Swiss School from 1992 to 2006. After finishing high school I studied Production Engineering at PUC PR and Economies at FAE.

I was an intern in Bosch Curitiba and I was invited on August 8 this year, to spend one year at Bosch Stuttgart.

When I was in the third year of college, I won a one-semester Engineering exchange program, all inclusive, in the USA, offered by the Education Ministry. There were only eight opportunities for Brazilian students, two for Paraná State and I got it. I believe the languages and the IB Diploma helped me achieve this opportunity.

When I was invited this year to go to Germany, I was told that the main reason I was chosen was that I had studied at the Schweizerschule and its values were important to the company.”

“I started studying in the Swiss School in 1997, when I was only four years old, and I graduated from it in 2009. At present I’m studying Production Engineering at PUCPR, and I’m an intern in a company that invests in renewable energy. When I took the IB Diploma, I studied subjects that most students don’t study in High School, such as calculus. It helped me a lot in the first terms. The English and German languages helped me to get the intern job, mainly because I work in a Canadian company, so English was essential. Besides that, the school education taught me to be responsible, mature and respectful – values that I preserved at the college, at work and in my everyday life.”

“I graduated from the Swiss School Curitiba in 2003 and I had started my education there in 1987 (I started when I was two years old and finished school when I was eighteen). After that I started studying at PUCPR – Business Management, and currently I work as PMO – Project Management Office – at Eletrolux.

Studying in an international school, especially the Swiss School, gives you credits of a good education, in learning different languages and also with the ethics at work. Different languages help you not only in communicating with other countries, but it also helps you understand other cultures, and that in each company people have different customs that should be understood and respected.”