Arbor Day

It is quite interesting to note that as part of the Atlantic Forest ecosystem, exists the Araucaria Forest. As its name suggests, it is formed by the presence of Araucaria (or Parana Pine) that extends over quite an extensive area. The Araucaria Forest runs through the southern and southeastern states of Brazil, much of Argentina and up to Chile.

The Araucaria tree is easily recognized due to its strong characteristics, such as typically having straight, tall trunks, stratified leaves and edible fruit (the pine nut). Despite this large area where we can find this tree, it is estimated that over 80% of the original forest has been lost, now remaining in just a few fragments along the original regions.

The Swiss-Brazilian School, located in the city of Pinhais (a metropolitan region of Curitiba), preserves, within its premises, one of these such fragments, holding some beautiful specimens of this tree. Included is one confirmed as the oldest in the region – over 300 years old. It is located in the Swiss Forest, a space of interaction for our students and our school community with nature, where, in addition to using the space for playful activities, students also develop their skills and develop new content.

September 21, Arbor Day: a tribute from the Swiss Brazilian School to our flora and to the healthy and educational interactions with nature.

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