Exchange Program

School Trips Abroad and Student Exchange Program

Language Exchange Program – Principles and Procedures

Study trip in the school holidays (July)

A four-week trip, organized by the School, together with relevant agencies.
The trip is offered to students from the 9th Year onwards. To take part, families must be up to date with monthly payments of school fees.
Students are accompanied by one or more teachers from the school.

1.1.Visit to a German-speaking country.
Program: 1 week in a German school; homestay with a German family. The objective is to experience the daily life of students in Germany. 2 weeks of intensive German in a specialized school; 1 week of travel in Switzerland.
The cost of transport, accomodation, food and documentation for the accompanying teacher(s) is divided between the participating students.

1.2. Visit to a French-speaking country.
Program: French language course.
In response to demand when a viable group of students wishes to take part.
The cost of transport, accomodation, food and documentation for the accompanying teacher(s) is divided between the participating students.

1.3. Visit to an English-speaking country.
Program: English language course.
The cost of transport, accomodation, food and documentation for the accompanying teacher(s) is divided between the participating students.

2. Reception of Exchange Students by Swiss School Curitiba

2.1. Accomodation
The following criteria are used to select families as hosts for an exchange student: age, gender, private room, alergies, special food requirements, distance from school, length of enrolment.

2.2. Portuguese lessons
Exchange students are taught two lessons of Portuguese per week.

2.3. Transport
Transport frome house to school will be arranged by the host family.

2.4. Year/Group/Timetable
The student may accompany the class with students of the same age, or follow a specially arranged timetable in accordance with his or her interests.

2.5. School documentation
Enrolment should be completed by the host family.

2.6. Payment
The exchange student should pay 150.00 Euros per month to the host family, covering the cost of transport to, and food in the school.

2.7. Vacancies
In order to facilitate lessons effectively, the number of exchange students in High School should not be more than 3. A request that exceeds this number would be evaluated by the school management.

2.8. Length of stay
The exchange can last from 1 week up to 6 months. From the seventh month on, the students become regular students with all the implications of standard school enrolment regulations.

3. Students seeking an Exchange outside Brazil

Students will be helped in finding an exchange when this is made with our partner schools. When the exchange is a personal initiative, the school will help with the completion of documents and the regularization of the students’ school records.
The exchange will only be confirmed when the partner school finds an available host family.

3.1. Partner Schools
Germany: Göttembach Gymnasium, Idar-Oberstein; Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium, Bensberg
Switzerland: public schools in Aargau
Swiss schools in other countries

3.2. Enrolment and fees
A fee is payable to cover administrative costs. Please check the current school year’s contract for more information about this fee.

3.3. Registrations
Interested students should contact their Coordinator at least six months before the exchange.

3.4. Criteria
The grades of interested students should average around 8.0, with no subjects below an average of 6.0. Also considered will be age, behavior and the ability to adapt upon return. The family should be up to date with the school fees.

3.5. Vacancies
The school helps up to six students per exchange period. The criteria for these vacancies follow: order of registration, student grades, behavior, payment of monthly fees and final decision by the management.

3.6. Semester and Duration
The school advises exchanges lasting between 1 and 3 months, with the recommended semestre being the first of 2EM. Exchanges in partner schools are usually for 1 bimester. During the two years of the IB program the student may not take part in an exchange during the scheduled school semesters.

3.7. Responsibility whilst abroad
The host family assumes responsibility during the exchange. The exchange student must follow the rules and guidelines of the host family.

3.8. Travel
The flight is the responsibility of the family, who should also provide the necessary documents (passport, travel authorization, student visa for periods longer than 3 months).

3.9. Insurance
Obligatory insurance should be provided by the family.

3.10. Content/absences/tests
Students and their families are responsible for the revision of subjects and topics not studied in school.
If the student is still enrolled, the absences will be recorded in the Class Diary. However, these will not be registered in the school report, providing that the declaration of attendance at a school abroad is presented.

3.11. Regularization on return to school

3.12.1. A student who is absent for up to 2 bimesters during the first semester does not need to repeat the year, as long as there is evidence of attendance and sufficient grades in all subjects at the host school. The student should bring a report signed by the Director or Coordinator of the host school, demonstrating assiduity and application;

3.12.2. A student who is absent during the second semester, should have the documentation validated by the Brazilian Consulate in the host country. For the school, these documents should be translated by an official legal translator. On possession of these documents, the school will begin the process of grade equivalence. If this is not possible, the student will have to take tests in school as part of the process of classification, demonstrating the capacity to reintegrate in the same year and class as before the Exchange;

3.12.3. The grades of the second semester may be replicated for the first semester exchange period, or the student will be asked to take tests showing understanding of the first semester;

3.12.4. In relation to school documentation, the family should ask for the student to be transferred. The leaving form should be filled in with the item Exchange indicated.

3.12.5. Every case will be analyzed individually.