New Building – Swiss School of Curitiba

The Pestalozzi teaching methodology, which defends three conceptual pillars for education, that is, the development of intellectual, affective and manual capacities, guided the conception of the architectural project to expand the facilities of the Swiss School of Curitiba.

The architectural plan foresees new buildings in three blocks that surround a large square, the heart of the school. The space will be destined for socialization, events, parties and for the coexistence of students, parents, collaborators and the external visitors.

The current building and future facilities, including the new restaurant, amphitheater, arena and central library, will be connected by a walkway over the public road, ensuring safety for everyone on a daily basis.

The logistics flow was planned with each area uniquely considered to best serve loading and unloading areas, access by private cars or vans and employee parking.

Wheelchair access will be present in all entrances to classrooms and other areas of study (open or covered), which will meet all technical standards.

Sustainability with a focus on the awareness of all users completely permeates the project, as there will be the use of natural light and rainwater collection. A study on the application of clean, state-of-the-art solar energy has also recently been included and will be implemented and refined over the first few years of use.

The Concept

The new, holistically designed school building will essentially provide innovative learning spaces for high school students, inspiring them to have an integrated learning experience. This will contribute to the development of skills for the future and the preparation for the challenges of a globalized and continually changing world.

Just as the new school building will be fluid and flexible in its shape, along with a cubic, calm and confident central structure, so will our students be adaptable to the future establishing stable universal competencies and values ​​that ensure them a successful and meaningful tomorrow. Therefore, our students must stand out as human beings, just as the new school building does architecturally in the heart of Pinhais.

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