Economy Week

Economy Week is an economic education program held in high school in schools in Switzerland and Swiss schools abroad. In this project, expert teachers with many years of practical business experience conduct a business simulation with students. The goal is to make students recognize the basic processes of a company and undergo their first business experiences. In total, we have over 450 economic specialists acting as teachers of the discipline. Economy Week is a joint project of the Swiss Ernst Schmidheiny Foundation, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and more than 200 companies in Switzerland.

For many students, this will be the only experience with business contexts during their academic phase in life. Students simulate the board of directors of a stock corporation in a monopolistic competitive environment. That is, in the game, there are no direct competitors that have exactly the same products. Therefore, the simulation also assumes that there are an infinite number of customers and suppliers.

Pedagogical objectives include not only the acquisition of basic business knowledge but also the stimulation of general negotiating skills. During the Economy Week students are guided by experts, but they work very autonomously within the groups, thus promoting their cognitive skills and abilities. In addition, students stimulate their social skills by working together in a randomly formed team. In solving the complex problems of the proposed task, they also develop their core methodological competencies. Last but not least, they stimulate their language skills because the presentation at the mock general meeting is held in a language that is generally a foreign language for these students, which may be in English, German or French.

Definitely, Economy Week is also an action-oriented holistic learning project where students can, for example, demonstrate their creativity in producing commercials or defining advertising strategies.

Thanks to the great support of the Ernst Schmidheiny Foundation, the two Swiss Schools in Brazil can promote Economy Week every year. This year, Economy Week was held in Curitiba.

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