Information Technology in Schools

Information Technology (IT) is no longer a distant horizon or a matter of choice within organizations. IT is present and essential in the business world. In the Education segment, this reality is no different. Daily, new technological resources are emerging as both support and catalyst for teaching-learning strategies. Support solutions for organizational strategies also permeate business and schools. Information and Communication Technology acts as a disruptive link between traditionalist management models and innovative models that support the technological applications and resources that are being made available on a large scale. In this concept, we insert the Swiss-Brazilian School, which has been increasingly seeking to incorporate technologies into its management.

The Information Technology Structure at the Swiss-Brazilian School


IT is present throughout the school. Many particularities make the work intense and very challenging. The adaptations and implementations of new technologies that need to involve all employees from different cultures is a significant hurdle, working through the impacts on processes, as well as the adequacy of legal obligations. All the specifics that impact the use of technology generate a challenge that needs to be managed. Thinking of a broad concept of IT structure, we have the following scenario at the school.


  • IT Management: Operates in strategy aligning and fostering innovative projects, legal structure, compliance, security policy definition, contract management and interrelated project management.
  • Business Management System: Software that oversees the entire management of the institution, including financial / accounting, human resources, academic system, portals, warehouse, customizations and integrations with legacy systems.
  • Infrastructure: Physical (LAN) and wireless (WLAN) network, servers, cameras, printers and telephony.
  • Web: Websites, hosting, email and other web solutions.


Among other factors that complement the structure of information technology in educational institutions, the following should be mentioned: the adaptations of official documentation requested by the departments of education, the fulfillment of demands for software and educational solutions from the pedagogical team and the management of the entire conglomerate of equipment and networks for the classrooms.


The future of IT at the Swiss-Brazilian School


The Swiss-Brazilian School has been working for a long time to create and maintain a base of its management system to support innovations. Plans are being created to enable and enhance technologies, such as the application of artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning resources in school management and pedagogy. The development and acquisition of mobile applications to facilitate the professional activities of staff and teachers, and to meet the communication and information demands of the school community (and other solutions for optimization and automation of activities) are also on the radar. It is always important to note that although we are in a time of digital transformation, the goals need to be set respecting the premises of the organization. Firstly, the organizational culture, no less important the information security and the adaptation or integration with legacy systems.


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