One Musial – Multiple Intelligences

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According to a lengthy study conducted by Prof. Dr. Manfred Spitzer, renowned neuroscientist and current medical director of the University of Ulm in Germany, the most important school subject is music, followed by physical education, theater and finally arts and crafts. Historically, music has played an important role in areas such as the sociocultural, motor and cognitive. Practical experience has shown what Manfred has scientifically proven.

Through a band project that was created in 2008, the Swiss-Brazilian School has explored the multiple intelligences that music and a project of this size make possible. The students who participate in the band have an evident linguistic development since there is intense contact with many modern languages during the composition of the musical works performed during the concerts. This is evident in the communicative capacity of the members of this project. The motor and rhythmic, as well as the social and affective abilities, are also very present. This is likely because these students work and live with colleagues of different ages, grades and other educational institutions. They also have to participate in the entire logistics, structural and financial aspects that involve each local presentation or more extended trip. The cultural perspective is extensively worked in this environment, as there is a powerful stimulus for all to participate in constant musical exchanges with schools from other cities, even from other states and countries.

To commemorate the jubilee for the band project’s ten years of existence, we entered an area little explored by our band students until now – the creation of a musical. Given the experience accumulated in a decade of shows, the school band, as the project is affectionately called, decided to face the challenge when the instructor and two students chose to draft a script, whose textual sketch had been created months before. With the unconditional support of teachers, parents, coordinators, school administrators and even alumni, the musical took on a defined form when a dance department was created in the school, exclusively for the event and when it obtained the support of the invited playwright and choreographer. It took exactly 12 months to transform the simple artistic and textual scribbles of the script into a theatrical performance sung and presented in five languages ​​whose title was inspired by the consecrated tale of the Brothers Grimm and in the arduous and beautiful trajectory of the band project of the Swiss School.

The immense effort of creation finally paid-off. Between September 21 and October 13 of 2018, the acclaimed musical “Town Musicians of Bremen” covered 4,000 km during their tour. Our students from the 5th grade of elementary to the 3rd year of high school performed in Pinhais (Parana), Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) and in Montevideo (Uruguay), on the stages of the Swiss-Brazilian School of Curitiba, the Goethe-Porto Institute and the German School of Montevideo respectively. The performances of our musical, from the premiere in 2017 until the end of 2018, commanded a massive audience presence, which totaled an estimated 1,470 spectators. For 2019 we expect to participate in regional festivals with this musical, which now has a team of more than 30. The band is very proud to have invented a ” Swiss School ” way to do musicals, as one great supporter of the project wrote. May there be more rich opportunities for exchange and learning for our young “student artists” like this!

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