Middle School

In Middle School, in addition to mastering the curricular contents of the subjects, each student should acquire and incorporate study procedures, develop attitudes of respect and solidarity, and learn to live together socially. We offer interdisciplinary activities and projects linked to broad themes related to our daily lives, such as ethical issues, concern for the environment and health in general, cultural plurality, and the search for solutions to improve life for all.


6th and 7th Grades

34 weekly lessons
7h30/12h05 e 13h00/15h35 (three times a week)

8th and 9th Grades

37 weekly lessons
7h30/12h05 e 13h00/15h35 (four times a week)


Portuguese, German, English and French


History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics


Mathematics and Geometry


Basic Training

Physical Education

Educational Projects. Learn more: Projects and Studies

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External Language Examination Certification – German, English and French
Projects and Studies
Admission of Students
Extracurricular Activities


The School has large classrooms, Chemistry, Physics and Biology laboratories, a Computer room, a woodwork room, ateliers of arts and ceramics and an experimental kitchen.
It also offers a multimedia library, sports gymnasium, children’s playgrounds, theater, canteen and cafeteria and a medical clinic.