What happened to our ex-students?

Based on the teaching of Pestalozzi, “Learning with the head, the heart and the hands”, the Colégio Suíço Brasileiro has been working for 31 years for a quality education, seeking to work with all dimensions of human development. , whether cognitive or psychological, contemplating the formation of values, autonomous, responsible, creative and aware of their importance as an active being in society.

In the school routine, we can see several manifestations of our students, which express the result of this work. Through small or large attitudes, such as confidence in defending their opinions, when participating in group decision-making, in presenting their work with creativity and confidence in what they are doing, in overcoming a challenge, a difficulty or in the incessant search for new knowledge. Each one is seen in its individuality and in its conviviality with the whole.

But what about when this journey inside the Brazilian Swiss College comes to an end? Some attend universities right here in Brazil, others crave new air and through the IB certification, will study at universities outside the country, others already want to experience the job market and experience new challenges.

So where are our alumni? Special people who are part of our history and today, build their own stories.