Who We Are

A bilingual educational institution, international and multicultural, non-profit making, without religious or political affiliation. We are recognized by and receive help from the Swiss Canton of Aargau, the Swiss Government and the Secretary of Education for the State of Paraná.

At present we have approximately 640 students, including Brazilians, Swiss, German and 12 other nationalities, from Infant Education up to High School.

The teaching staff is made up of Brazilian and Swiss nationalities. Lessons are taught in Portuguese and German, and the curriculum also includes English and French.

In addition to the Diploma of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), which allows access to numerous international universities, students obtain the Certificate of Completion of High School and several diplomas and certificates of proficiency in languages.


The Association of Swiss Schools in Brazil was founded on the 10th of June 1979 by the companies BBC-Camargo-Correa, Statomat-Micafil, Siemens-Equitel, Servopa and Incepa, along with idealists such as the Murbach family. On the 3rd of March 1980 the school opened its gates with 12 students.

Already in 1983, the school changed its address to a rented property belonging to the Ukrainian Church in the Água Verde neighborhood because of insufficient space. After 10 years, on the 8th of March 1993, the year began with 216 students at the new premises in Pinhais, where the school remains to the present day. Since 1999 the school has been a member of the International Baccalaureate – IB.

Important dates


  • Constituent Assembly of the “Associação Escola Suíço-Brasileira”


  • The school opens its gates


  • Recognition by the Swiss Government
  • Move to rented premises in Água Verde


  • The school year starts at the new premises in Pinhais


  • Inauguration of Infant Education


  • Construction of new building for High School
  • Member of the International Baccalaureate-IB


  • Inauguration of the Chalet for Nursery School (for children aged 3-4)
  • Integration of Swiss School Curitiba with the “Associação Escola Suíço-Brasileira de São Paulo”


  • First International Baccalaureate Diplomas awarded


  • Inauguration of the bilingual Library


  • 25th anniversary of the school


  • Construction of the second Chalet for Nursery School, new classrooms for Afternoon Supervision, Arts and Crafts and Maintenance
  • Renovation of the Dining Room
  • Inauguration of the new Sports Gymnasium


  • Inauguration of the new classroom for Year 1


  • Certification ISO 9001/2008


  • Inauguration of 6 more High School classrooms


  • Installation of the new playground for Infant Education
  • Introduction of Q2E (quality management system in schools)


  • Implementation of the project “Schools on the move” with physical activities to stimulate development and learning


  • The school becomes the first ICDL (International Computer Driving License) recognized test center in Brazil
  • Language courses for employees
  • Renovation of IT rooms, warehouse, supervision, psychology room and first aid post


  • Implementation of Competence Assessment in addition to grades
  • Implementation access control system


  • Inauguration of the Hermann-Straube-Square (covered area)
  • Inauguration of the Swiss woods
  • Inauguration of the Pestalozzi Garden (pergola next to the teachers’ room)


  • Renovation of the secretary’s and accounting office
  • Inauguration of the study room “Salle Jean Piaget”
  • Introduction of French into the curriculum of the Year 6
  • Installation of foam panels to improve acoustics in the Sports Gymnasium


Sponsoring Institution

The Association of Swiss Schools in Brazil, a non-profit organization, maintains  the Swiss Schools of São Paulo and Curitiba. The Association is managed by a Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly, with a 2-year term, whereby re-election is possible.

Read more: www.aesb.com.br




Our School offers large classrooms, chemistry, physics and biology labs, a computer lab, a room for woodwork, an art room and a study room, the “Salle Jean Piaget”. It also offers a multimedia library, a sports gymnasium, a playground, some woodland, a dining room, a canteen and a first aid post.


The library has resources in German, Portuguese, English and French, with a special area for young children.


The school has laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and Biology with optical microscopes as well as electrical, mechanical and magnetic equipment.


The IT laboratory, in addition to being used in regular lessons, is also available during the day, at specific times, so that students can develop their projects.

Sports Gymnasium

The Sports Gymnasium measures 1,200 square meters and is used for various physical, sporting and cultural activities. It was constructed with the help of the Aargau Canton and specially decorated with a ceramic panel created by the artist Jorge Cardoso Pagano, representing the union between Brazilian and world cultures.

Music, Arts and Crafts

Three dedicated rooms are used for music and arts and crafts. The Crafts room is appropriately equipped and attended by a specialized teacher.

Salle Jean Piaget

‘Salle Jean Piaget’ is a multiple use room that provides a place for self-study, researches and group or individual work for our students. This is its main function. Furthermore, teachers can use the room with the students for other pedagogical activities, involving movement, etc. The place is also prepared for online conferences with students from other countries, giving them the possibility of a linguistic, pedagogical, social and cultural exchange.


Our kindergarten kids have access to a special playground where they can play, develop mental and physical activities and have a lot of fun.

Restaurant and Canteen

The Swiss School Curitiba offers lunch and snacks in an agreeable environment. The restaurant is run by a specialized company and the meals are prepared within the school.


Here in the Swiss School Curitiba students have access to a beautiful place, the woods, where they can enjoy nature among the trees, plants and birds. We are proud to have in our school a 300 year old pine tree, protected by the Cultural & Municipal Heritage Council of Pinhais.

Campus São Paulo

The Swiss School São Paulo, founded in 1965, is also maintained by the Association of Swiss Schools in Brazil. Located at Rua Visconde Porto Seguro, São Paulo, the school currently has 750 students, from Infant Education to High School. As well as the High School Certificate and language certificates, the students also obtain the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which allows access to many international universities.

Visit the website: www.esbsp.aesb.com.br

Swiss schools abroad

To get to know the Swiss schools abroad visit the site: www.educationsuisse.ch/en/home-en