Projects and Studies

Curricular Focus Week

All students, from Early Childhood Education to Secondary Education, participate in study weeks focusing on topics related to specific curriculum content. For these projects, the students up to the 3rd Grade stay on the school premises, while the remaining students travel to different locations.

Curricular Focus Day

During this day the student’s work is dedicated exclusively to a project of a particular subject.

Sports Day

A whole day devoted to the practice of different sports, such as climbing, sailing and windsurfing.

Student Integration Day

Parents and students from Early Childhood Education and from Primary Education I participate together in school and recreational activities.

Week of Economics

The Week of Economics is sponsored by the Swiss foundation Ernst-Schmidheiny ( The goal is for the students to immerse themselves in the world of an executive with the help of Swiss professionals and the WIWAG program, developed at the University of St. Gallen.   Students establish businesses, develop business plans and strategies, develop visual communication and share the management of the various areas among themselves: General Management, Human Resources, Administration of Materials, Production and Marketing. Every day counts as a fiscal year.   During the theory lessons, they receive information about economics so they can lead the company successfully and beat other players. The Week ends with a presentation in a foreign language of the annual report of the companies during the simulation of a General Meeting.

Research Project

The student prepares a research project accompanied by a tutor, which should address at least three transversal themes. It develops autonomy and responsibility.


The internship lasting a month in a company is part of the school curriculum and enables the student to experience the employment market.

Community Service

Community Service is developed through various actions, such as: the construction of pedagogical toys for donation to charitable organizations; “Story-telling” projects in nurseries of our relationship; and musical presentations in Hospitals and Nursing Homes.